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Classroom Products

I have recently purchased the Kokuyo-s&t-needle-less Stapler on amazon. I have to say it is pretty cool. I tested it on my 12 page 5.NBT.1 Mini-lesson (12 pages) and it held them together well! I am excited to use this in my class and the prospect of not having to refill my stapler!
Kokuyo-s&t-needle-less Stapler

One of the products I recommend everyone has is a tile. If you have ever lost your keys, phone, or anything else then a tile will help you! Once you download the app to your smartphone, you can ring your phone from the tile even if it's on silent! My wife and I have saved hours looking for our keys, purse, wallet, and phones using our tiles!

I’m reading Better than Carrots or Sticks by Dominique Smith, Douglas Fisher, and Nancy Frey. It has some great information on restorative practices in the classroom. I intend to implement some of these practices in my classroom this school year!


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